India’s potential in Tourism

Tourism Industry can be the a bone of India’s Economy but India is yet to realize its potential in it. This industry can give you new avenues of jobs and generate enough health

From Kashmir in north to Kannayakumari in south and from Rajasthan in west to Manipur in east Indian Tourism include history tourism, adventure tourism, medical tourism (ayurveda and other forms of Indian medications), spiritual tourism, beach tourism (India has the longest coastline in the East) etc. India may be the only country having such great diverse categories. No one can complete the India tour in one visit. People get tired but India’s diverse culture, people, different places , palaces, fascinating jungles, golden beaches never comes to an end. There is so much to see in India

In the early 90s India wasn’t taking care of their Tourism Industry. But with globalization India is taking take of this industry now a days and the result is coming out every year. India’s economy is rising by 7% every year due to this Industry. This is helping in opening avenues for job. Thus the tourism Industry is expected to rise and do well if support is given by the government.

As the Indian economy continues to open up in an effort to integrate with the world economy, benefits of doing business with and in India are increasing. With the results, hundreds of thousands of jobs are moving to the Indian shores from the West. This brings in its wake transit travelers, business travelers, business meets and holiday seekers.


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