Ecotourism in India

Ecotourism in India For a better Ecotourism the people from all quarters have to help the government. Whether its local authorities or developer or local people or the tourist all have to play an active part in having a successful ecotourism spot. The government alone cannot make this ecotourism successful. Everyone should follow the rules and guidelines so make the attempt of government successful.

Besides this non-governmental organizations and scientific and research institutions also have to play a key role. The management of ecotourism should make a 20 years of Master Plan for each state This plan should include construction of proper roads and railway, greenery, Garbage disposal utensils and drums everywhere, Banners and Advertisement to make people aware of effects of garbage disposal here n there. The tourist should also take care of the need to protect the environment. Many hospitality sectors have developed who have adopted environment-friendly practices like conserving energy and water and recycling of unutilized hotel outputs.


Now a days, the political parties, non government organization, print and tele media are taking active part to aware people about the destruction we are making by not protecting our environment.
The Government has also set up institutions like the Central and State Pollution Control Board to deal with the defaulters. The state governments also have Departments of Environment and Pollution Control. The Ministry of Tourism has issued ecotourism guidelines for adoption by all concerned organisations. Some tourism bodies and associations like the Pacific Travel Association have introduced an ecotourism pledge which requires their members to adopt environment-friendly practices.


Government departments working for Ecotourism in India.

The Government of India has set up a group of Ministers under the Minister of Tourism to coordinate activities of various government departments and agencies. Many of the activities in the tourism sector are dependent on initiatives of the state governments. Enlightened state governments like Kerala, Goa and Rajasthan have done a lot to attract more tourists by making facilities more tourist friendly.


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