Poush Mela In Shantiniketan

Poush MelaPoush mela is a big festival in Shantiniketan in West Bengal. It happens in end of December. This festival is full of folk songs, baul songs, theatres and group dance. During this time the air in Shantiniketan is filled with colors, soft musics. People from all over India and outside India come here to rediscover India

On the first day the festival begins with community prayer or Brahmopasana written by Maharshi and Rabindranath. This followed by Tagore songs. Next comes the famous folk songs of West Bengal along with boul songs.

On the second day the university arrange a award ceremony for students who have completed graduation. At the fair, the centre stage never quietens – more bauls and kirtan singers perform ; jatras and folk theatres are held.


On the second evening, there is a celebration of fireworks, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone

By the third day the number of tourist reach to near about ten thousand ; at night some areas are flooded with neon lights, while at other corners, you cannot even discern your own big toe. Irrespective of their urban or rural roots, children happily pick up brightly coloured wooden toys while their mothers select palm-leaf trinkets

Usually, the three days include Christmas Day and everyone joins in the Krishtotsav, observed by the ashramites. Besides, there are cultural events and memorial lecture.

Although real estate is booming, still the place is comfortably swathed in green and with not much auto mobile traffic (walking or cycling is the common mode of commuting), Shantiniketan offers a welcome weekend getaway, any time throughout the year and specially during its festive days.


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