Mandarmani unveiled

mandermoniMandarmani is an off-beat destination for the tourists who want to explore the new destinations. It is still a virgin spot as it does not reverberate with the scurrying feet and prattling of horde of tourists. The serenity of the place makes you forget the commotion of city place and a perfect destination for health recovery.

Laying at 180 km. distance from Kolkata it is beckoning the tourists with its pristine beauty mingled with the sound of lashing waves. At a full moon light when you saunter along the moonlit sea beaches and get your feet kissed by the crushing waves it will be a perfect solace for your mind. The nighttime sea looks spangled with white tiny spots of surging waves all over. The sunrise and sunshine are always two special attractions on sea beach and Mandarmani is no exception to that. As the beach is still free from the hustle and bustle, so feasting your eyes on nature’s sublime beauty will be much easier. You can freeze these precious moments in your camera.

At the end point of beach where the sea meets the river, you can watch the crawling red crabs all over. The waddle of the fishermen with nets in their hands and the row of jhau trees along one side of the river on the background of the picturesque beauty will be locked in your mind’s eye for ever.


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