Gopalpur with its entire Splendor is Beckoning Trotters

Crammed with hectic schedule and monotonous work pressure we sometimes yearn to find a rejuvenating escape. Throttled with piles of work load, we long for blue canopy overhead, sedate corner to relax and spending quality time with family members and friends. There are so many destinations around the globe but if you like to take a stroll along a sea beach or to soak in glittering moonlight and enjoy gorging on sea foods, Gopalpur may be the ideal destination for you. Being nestled in the state of Orissa, Gopalpur has a rich heritage to boast of. Dating back to pre-independence era, this wealthy town was one of the prominent sea ports involved in trading of silk and pearl with well-known ports like Sumatra, Java, Bali. This erstwhile trading centre has now transformed into a quaint tourist spot. The place got its name from a temple built in the 18th century in the honor of lord Gopal (Krishna). Gopalpur sea beach stretches over miles after mile. Dotted with coconut trees and casuarinas the place offers a picturesque natural beauty that will enthrall you. Several sand dunes of small and medium sizes are littered all over the golden sea beach. You may like to lounge about on the serene beach, listen to soft whisper of waves from a distance and feast your eyes on raging waves thrashing against the sea beach and softly kissing your feet. At night, the place becomes more beautiful. Surging waves scintillating like silver in full moon night presents a mind boggling scenic beauty that will be encased in your memory forever. Never miss out the opportunity of gorging on sea foods while enjoying the striking beauty of this charming sea town. For both amateur and professional photographers, this spot is worth getting pride of place into their reels as well as hearts.


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