Darjeeling-An Ideal Destination for A Rejuvenating Escape

After a prolonged monotonous schedule, you restlessly desire for a refreshing tour. Living a humdrum life is an exasperating experience. So, you need an immediate break from this routine-bound life. If you don’t want to travel a long distance, Darjeeling is the ideal destination for you. It is thrilling to drink to the scenic and serene beauty of such a hilly place as Darjeeling.

Nestled amidst lush and green natural artifices, Darjeeling is a place to enjoy a lot of activities. It is a favorite hunt for tourists to spend holidays lazily watching the picturesque views of nature. Moreover, it is a perfect place for the adventurous and enthusiast travel junkies to take part in trekking or river rafting. Darjeeling came into prominence as a hot tourist spot once the British established a hill station there being attracted to the salubrious climate. Darjeeling is also famous for its delicious tea and succulent oranges. You would like to experience a sip of the extraordinary tea to warm you up in freezing cold.

You can go to a score of places for sightseeing— Tiger Hill, Mirik lake,Mount Kanchanjangha, Himalayan Zoo to name a few among them. Tiger Hill is very famous with the nature-loving tourists from almost every corner of the world as they can get to watch the mind-blowing panoramic view of the lofty and snow-capped Kanchanjangha peak slowly changing to golden color with the very first kiss of the rising sun early in the morning. The lake Mirik is also a suitable place for boating. Its transparent and tranquil water is very much relaxing for eyes. In a word, Darjeeling with all its captivating natural beauties and wonders will be the perfect world to reinvigorate both your body and mind.


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