Corbett Tiger Reserve—A Colorful Collage of Natural Artifices Embodying Green Wild Beauty

India is renowned and revered for the marvelous manifestation of its rich cultures in every field. It has also mesmerizing natural beauty to leave the travelers spellbound. India is the paradise of wildlife with innumerable varieties of flora and fauna that is riding the waves with adventure aficionados for ages. They drink to the jungle beauty to their heart’s content out of their love for wildlife. The inescapable majestic appeal of the forest lies in its solemn serenity that is often cleaved by the cacophony of the nocturnal creatures will get the shudder of fear slithering down your spine.

A visit to the Corbett Tiger Reserve will be great an adventure for the wildlife lovers. Situated at a distance of almost 250Km. from Delhi, the national capital of India, it is consecrated from the uproars of daily life to let your frayed nerves enjoy some dollops relaxation. The Corbett Tiger Reserve is a colorful collage of breath-taking natural artifices embodying green beauty. The seamless mingling of the dark green canopies overhead with the sprawling green floors of the forest vivifies the mood of the travelers in the wilderness.

The place brags of its rich bio-diversity, the decline of which has been a great concern with the environmentalists. The indiscriminate poaching of rare wild animals is posing a threat to their existence in the Corbett Tiger Reserve. The pollution free air of the surrounding is soothing to breathe in. The harmonious coexistence of wild creatures such as tigers, hyenas, lions and several other species facing the threat of extinction has added to the wild charm of the jungle.

Let your mind run free to sip ecstasy and euphoria from the chalice of wild beauty that manifests itself also in the unrestrained movements of the animals. You can explore the beauty of the jungle by riding on an elephant or driving a jeep and visiting the awe-inspiring sites of the Corbett Tiger Reserve. This safari will satiate the deep desires of the passionate wildlife lovers and also ties your knot with the strangely bewitching beauty of the forest.


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