Auli claims to be the skiing paradise on earth

June 15, 2010

Auli is the best city opted for skiing by the people of the state of Uttarakhand where it is situated. The city of Auli rests in the lap of snow that is spread all around the peaks of the Himalayan Mountain that is located throughout the city. Auli is situated in the chamoli district that is near a very famous sacred placed called Badrinth. The height of the city (Auli) is approximated to range from two thousand five hundred to three thousand fifty meter above sea level. Apart from snow covered areas, the city of Auli is full of coniferous and oak forests which create a widened view of the city. This view makes it the paramount of all other cities of the states.

Auli is a fun oriented and adventurous tourist sport. The most famous sport that played in the heart of Auli is skiing. Since skiing requires hilly mountainous and snowy areas, what can a better option than Auli? The mountains of Nanda Devi and mana parvat are the surrounding area of the skiing locality which provides an awesome view for the individuals who love to ski in the hills. The easiest and fastest way to get there is by an overnight train from Delhi (the capital of India) and then a hired car or taxi from Delhi to Hardwar. Via cab or car you will reach Hardwar by morning and you can start from Hardwar in the morning towards Auli. Although there are other way to reach Auli by break journeys via air, rail, road or cable car.


“Haridwar” – A Way to Heaven

June 14, 2010

Haridwar is also pronounced as Hardwar by many Hindu pilgrims who consider Hardwar to be the holiest place among all others. It is a city located near the borders of Uttarakhand. Hardwar is a very spiritual place and the presence of the river Ganges has made its recognition more intense and profound. The river Ganges tumbles down to the northern plains from the hills and the sight is extremely reflective and attracts millions of devotee from all over the world. The main festival of Hardwar is Baisakhi, kanwar mela, somvati amavasya and kartik purnima. The arrival of the festivals is according to the arrival of the months they fall in a year. For example Baisakhi falls in April, kanwar mela is in the first week of July, somvati amavasya is just after the kanwar mela and is as big as the kanwar mela, and kartik purnima comes after fifteen days from the night of Diwali. There are three main transportations which the individuals can board fro reaching Hardwar. These are via plane, via train and via bus. Train is the cheapest and fastest way of transportation as we all know. The journey via plane to Hardwar will be a bit difficult as there is no specific airport in Hardwar. People boarding plane have to get down at Dehradun which is twenty kilo meters from Hardwar. Although the journey by bus is cheap, it will be very hectic and tiring to board a bus. A must watch place in Hardwar is HARI-KI-PAIRI. It is basically a huge ghat of the river Ganges where all the pilgrims gather for the evening prayers at sharp seven o clock above the stairs of the ghat.