Darjeeling – The Perfect Place to Enjoy Beauty of Nature

India is a country full of various culture and traditions. Its colorful culture and beauty are one of the main reasons why each year people from all over the world consider India as one of the most popular tourist destination. Among the numerous tourist destination in India, Darjeeling is one place which is famous globally for its outstanding beauty and amiable climate. It is also known as the ‘Queen of Hills’ because it is beautifully situated in the lap of snowy Kanchenjunga mountains. Darjeeling offers various tourist spots for people of all ages. Some of the most famous tourist spots of Darjeeling are as follows.
Chowrasta also known as the ‘Mall Road’ is a famous spot for people of all ages to hang out and relax. The best part of this place is that from here, if it is not a cloudy day, you can see the whole range of the Kanchenjunga Mountains. If you go to the ‘back side’ of Chowrasta, there are numerous benches where you can sit and can take advantage of the beautiful scenery.
The toy train is also one of the major tourist’s attractions of Darjeeling. This toy train, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers rides to tourists to completely enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature. So, if you are planning to visit Darjeeling, do not miss the joy ride of this toy train. Besides these, other tourists spot include Batasia Loop, Happy Valley Tea Estate, Lloyd Botanical Garden, Gangamaya Park, Yiga Choeling Monastery, Museum, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoo and many more.
If you are planning to go somewhere where you will get to relax and rejuvenate yourself, then Darjeeling is the ideal place for you to go. You will fall in love with the nature and the amiable climate it offers.


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