Kolkata, a Hub of Cultural & Literary Excellence is Pride of India

December 18, 2009

Hi! I am a final year student of a premier MBA institute in Kolkata, one of the Indian Metropolitan cities. Being a mighty presence on the global platform of education, the institute enjoys eminence among prestigious institutes of the world. My institute has tie-up with a few world-class foreign universities. So we invite students of those educational establishments for a cultural exchange program in our annual fest.

This year our invitees were from Boston, Sydney and Singapore. Some of them were curious about Kolkata, my native city. In India, Kolkata is a hub of multi-cultural activities. Home to eminent personalities from literature, politics, theatre and education, the city is a mirror to the historical heritage of India.

Roaming through the ancient parts of the city opens at the pages of British history in India. Historical landmarks like the Victoria Memorial, the Fort Williams and the National Library are not only the finest specimens of contemporary architecture but also portrait a picture of the colonial India.

A seat of education and enlightenment, Kolkata houses many learning hubs of excellence like the Indian Institute of Management, Jadavpur University, the University of Calcutta, the Ramakrishna Institute of Art and Culture, and Maxmular Bhawan that welcome a fair number of students from foreign countries every year.

Kolkata is a living witness to the service and sacrifices of legendary personalities like Mother Teresa, Bhagini Nivedita, Dirozio and many others for the well-being of the Indian society. The literary wealth of Kolkata enriched by Rabindranath Tagore, Sararchandra, Bankim and others, the gems of India is appreciated in glowing terms all over the world.

The honorable guests to my institute were filled with joy to the brim on visit to the cultural, religious, literary, educational and political landmarks of Kolkata. Wonder was twinkling in their eyes. Then, why should not I be proud of my native city.

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