You Will Rejoice at the Shower of Natural Beauty in Lolegaon

April 24, 2010

Lolegaon, a small town, is not far away from Darjeeling. In fact, people on a tour to visit Darjeeling, fondly referred to as ‘Queen of the Hill’ also drop in both Lava and Lolegaon to fill their eyes with wonders of the majestic natural beauty. The place is yet to come to limelight like Darjeeling, so one can expect the cool and calm ambience to soak in. The panoramic views all around are so soothing and soul-stirring that you will instantly get transported to another world.

Once you are in this picturesque hilly town, you will easily discover how God has been spendthrift in pouring the shower of beauty upon this place. Lolegaon is located at the altitude of 5500 feet and tourists can get there by jeeps plying through the place and Darjeeling. Driving along the winding mountainous road is fearfully enchanting and words will fall short to express the divinity of natural beauty that manifests itself on both sides.

Tourists can enjoy spectac