Discover the undying appeal of love in the Ever Exquisite Temples of Khajuraho

December 29, 2009

Khajuraho is situated at 24°51N 79°56E/24.85°N 79.93°E in the state of Madhya Pradesh in the heart of India. It is a village almost 385 miles south-east from Delhi, the Indian Capital. This village is eminent for its abundance of medieval Hindu and Jain temples that explicitly depict erogenous sculptures. The temples are telling evidences of the beauty of Hindu architecture in the medieval times. Made of sandstone and constructed in a spire style, most of the temples are dedicated to the three Hindu Gods namely, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar. Some of them are however dedicated to the Hindu Goddesses or Devis and few are dedicated to Jainism.


Being the main attraction of Khajuraho, the temples enclose shikharas or spires that surround the entire premises. The shikharas follow a north-Indian style and a panchyatna style as well. The designs and sculptures are so finely elaborate and poised that almost 200 years were taken for the architects to create them. The temples vary in mainly three groups or types, belonging to three different genres such as, eastern group of temples, western group of temples, and southern group of temples. Let’s take a look at the three groups in detail:

Eastern group:

1. Parsvanath Temple- it’s the largest eastern-type temple and the most elaborate one as well. Parsvanath is a Jain temple, where sculptures of their first tirthankara; known as Adinath, is carved along with the day-to-day lifestyle of the people of that era.
2. Ghantai Temple- this Jain temple depicts a Jain goddess and the dreams of the Jain Guru – Mahavira in beautiful sculptures.
3. Hanuman Temple- this temple houses a huge statute of Hanuman, and an ancient inscription dating back to the 10th century A.D. this temple has attracted the attention of archaeologists for its remains and its ancientness.

Western group:

This group includes the most elaborate temples such as,

* The Lakshmana Temple
* The Matangesvara Temple
* The Varaha Temple
* The Kandariya Mahadeo temples
* The Chitragupta Temple
* The Jagadambi Temple and
* The Visvanatha Temple

Southern group:

Southern group of temples are the most distant temples of Khajuraho. The two most eminent temples of this group are:

* The Dulaldeo Temple and
* The Chaturbhuja Temple

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Darjeeling-An Ideal Destination for A Rejuvenating Escape

December 21, 2009

After a prolonged monotonous schedule, you restlessly desire for a refreshing tour. Living a humdrum life is an exasperating experience. So, you need an immediate break from this routine-bound life. If you don’t want to travel a long distance, Darjeeling is the ideal destination for you. It is thrilling to drink to the scenic and serene beauty of such a hilly place as Darjeeling.

Nestled amidst lush and green natural artifices, Darjeeling is a place to enjoy a lot of activities. It is a favorite hunt for tourists to spend holidays lazily watching the picturesque views of nature. Moreover, it is a perfect place for the adventurous and enthusiast travel junkies to take part in trekking or river rafting. Darjeeling came into prominence as a hot tourist spot once the British established a hill station there being attracted to the salubrious climate. Darjeeling is also famous for its delicious tea and succulent oranges. You would like to experience a sip of the extraordinary tea to warm you up in freezing cold.

You can go to a score of places for sightseeing— Tiger Hill, Mirik lake,Mount Kanchanjangha, Himalayan Zoo to name a few among them. Tiger Hill is very famous with the nature-loving tourists from almost every corner of the world as they can get to watch the mind-blowing panoramic view of the lofty and snow-capped Kanchanjangha peak slowly changing to golden color with the very first kiss of the rising sun early in the morning. The lake Mirik is also a suitable place for boating. Its transparent and tranquil water is very much relaxing for eyes. In a word, Darjeeling with all its captivating natural beauties and wonders will be the perfect world to reinvigorate both your body and mind.

Kolkata, a Hub of Cultural & Literary Excellence is Pride of India

December 18, 2009

Hi! I am a final year student of a premier MBA institute in Kolkata, one of the Indian Metropolitan cities. Being a mighty presence on the global platform of education, the institute enjoys eminence among prestigious institutes of the world. My institute has tie-up with a few world-class foreign universities. So we invite students of those educational establishments for a cultural exchange program in our annual fest.

This year our invitees were from Boston, Sydney and Singapore. Some of them were curious about Kolkata, my native city. In India, Kolkata is a hub of multi-cultural activities. Home to eminent personalities from literature, politics, theatre and education, the city is a mirror to the historical heritage of India.

Roaming through the ancient parts of the city opens at the pages of British history in India. Historical landmarks like the Victoria Memorial, the Fort Williams and the National Library are not only the finest specimens of contemporary architecture but also portrait a picture of the colonial India.

A seat of education and enlightenment, Kolkata houses many learning hubs of excellence like the Indian Institute of Management, Jadavpur University, the University of Calcutta, the Ramakrishna Institute of Art and Culture, and Maxmular Bhawan that welcome a fair number of students from foreign countries every year.

Kolkata is a living witness to the service and sacrifices of legendary personalities like Mother Teresa, Bhagini Nivedita, Dirozio and many others for the well-being of the Indian society. The literary wealth of Kolkata enriched by Rabindranath Tagore, Sararchandra, Bankim and others, the gems of India is appreciated in glowing terms all over the world.

The honorable guests to my institute were filled with joy to the brim on visit to the cultural, religious, literary, educational and political landmarks of Kolkata. Wonder was twinkling in their eyes. Then, why should not I be proud of my native city.

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Gopalpur with its entire Splendor is Beckoning Trotters

December 14, 2009

Crammed with hectic schedule and monotonous work pressure we sometimes yearn to find a rejuvenating escape. Throttled with piles of work load, we long for blue canopy overhead, sedate corner to relax and spending quality time with family members and friends. There are so many destinations around the globe but if you like to take a stroll along a sea beach or to soak in glittering moonlight and enjoy gorging on sea foods, Gopalpur may be the ideal destination for you. Being nestled in the state of Orissa, Gopalpur has a rich heritage to boast of. Dating back to pre-independence era, this wealthy town was one of the prominent sea ports involved in trading of silk and pearl with well-known ports like Sumatra, Java, Bali. This erstwhile trading centre has now transformed into a quaint tourist spot. The place got its name from a temple built in the 18th century in the honor of lord Gopal (Krishna). Gopalpur sea beach stretches over miles after mile. Dotted with coconut trees and casuarinas the place offers a picturesque natural beauty that will enthrall you. Several sand dunes of small and medium sizes are littered all over the golden sea beach. You may like to lounge about on the serene beach, listen to soft whisper of waves from a distance and feast your eyes on raging waves thrashing against the sea beach and softly kissing your feet. At night, the place becomes more beautiful. Surging waves scintillating like silver in full moon night presents a mind boggling scenic beauty that will be encased in your memory forever. Never miss out the opportunity of gorging on sea foods while enjoying the striking beauty of this charming sea town. For both amateur and professional photographers, this spot is worth getting pride of place into their reels as well as hearts.

A Visit to God’s Own Country

November 17, 2009

Fondly referred to as ‘God’s own country’, landscape of Kerala is imbued with palettes of enchanting hues. Located in western tip of India, this beautiful place is cuddled with surging waves of Arabian Sea. Serenity of the place gives you relief from tight schedules and commotion of city lives.

Kerala offers breathtakingly picturesque tourist spots, each of which is two or three hours from here. Backwaters and lagoons weave through almost entire part of Kerala. Stretches of exotic beaches are always bustling with activities of tourists from home and abroad.

You can explore some beautiful places like Cochin and Trivandrum which are not far away from here. If you are a wildlife lover then Periyar sanctuary is a place you must drop a visit to. This is an exotic destination for ornithologists as well as ordinary tourists. Taking a tour of this place will surely mesmerize and exhilarate you.

Along with the tapestry of tranquil natural beauty dotted with line of coconut trees, Kerala is enriched with strong flavor of cultural heritage. Enchanting classical dance, scrumptious cuisine, colorful festivals await travelers with a welcoming message. You may drench yourself in revelries of thrilling and exciting rowing competition that is one of the main attractions of Kerala.

Busy schedule may have taken a toll upon your health. Rejuvenation therapy of Ayurved for which Kerala is famous, will do a magic to your health and mind too. Going through this ancient form of treatment will shake you of your tiredness and surely be a memorable experience of your life.

Mandarmani unveiled

November 4, 2009

mandermoniMandarmani is an off-beat destination for the tourists who want to explore the new destinations. It is still a virgin spot as it does not reverberate with the scurrying feet and prattling of horde of tourists. The serenity of the place makes you forget the commotion of city place and a perfect destination for health recovery.

Laying at 180 km. distance from Kolkata it is beckoning the tourists with its pristine beauty mingled with the sound of lashing waves. At a full moon light when you saunter along the moonlit sea beaches and get your feet kissed by the crushing waves it will be a perfect solace for your mind. The nighttime sea looks spangled with white tiny spots of surging waves all over. The sunrise and sunshine are always two special attractions on sea beach and Mandarmani is no exception to that. As the beach is still free from the hustle and bustle, so feasting your eyes on nature’s sublime beauty will be much easier. You can freeze these precious moments in your camera.

At the end point of beach where the sea meets the river, you can watch the crawling red crabs all over. The waddle of the fishermen with nets in their hands and the row of jhau trees along one side of the river on the background of the picturesque beauty will be locked in your mind’s eye for ever.

Indian Tourism Help Desk – North-east

March 4, 2008

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